Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Stentzel Family Theme

2012 Stentzel Family Theme


" " Spiritual

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Standing Up

You know I thought I had out grown this side of me that really just let loose and let people have a peace of my mind and I think for the most part I have learned to stay quiet and not get involved...but when it comes to my children I think you better watch out!....I could not believe what I had to do yesterday....seriously still blows my Kacey came home from school the other day I think it was last week but she said she had to close her eyes on this part of a movie they were watchiing in Social Studies...well I was thinking what kind of movie would you have to close your eyes on at shcool??? seriously...this isn't the first time she has told me she's had to do this in her now I am really wondering what the heck is going on....oh and she said she opened her eyes for a second and saw a guy getting his leg blown off....yeah yesterday was parent teacher conference and I went up to ask this teacher about what movies she is showing and my views on the influence and affect of violence in the I sat down and talked to her she said she felt the same way that she was really picky about what her kids watched and that everything she show's comes from the school library....really? so I went to the library and asked them what this teacher had checked out recently and if they had any movies on the revolutionary war that showed someone getting blown up....the librarian said this teacher had not checked anything out recently and showed me the movies she had, which were very educational and I went back to the teacher because I had forgotten to ask what the name of the movie was and I could tell she did not want to tell me....get this you are never going to believe was "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a rated R movie for war violence....I went back to the library and asked them if they had that movie she said no way would she have that movie in her library....oh I was so mad and sick to my I went to the office to talk to the principal and couldn't find her and then in walks the teacher so I'm like oh great I'm going to have to do this later because I didn't want her to see me talking to the the way I forgot to mention that before I even went up to the school I was praying so much and so was I really felt guided through out it all....okay so I decide to leave and as I'm walking out the principal is walking in and I stop her and talk to her....she knows me because I'm the mom that didn't even want to send her child to school in the first place and has been up there on other occasions about stuff, so she knows me....I tell her about how this isn't the first time Kacey has had to close her eyes and told her what the movie was and she couldn't believe it either and knew that she had not approved that movie becuase everything is supposed to be approved the semester before..and she apologized to me and said that she will take care of it....I don't know what exactly that means but trust me I will follow up and find out what actions were taken.....

I really felt like Kacey is such a strong beacon in that school and that her friends know her values and that God is using her for good....I know God loves all of his children and wants to make sure that they are protected and not exposed to the evil of the world..I feel like God wanted me to stand up for my daughter but also for all the other innocent children that were being affected by it....if it wasn't for a parent speaking out then nothing would have changed and she would have kept on doing this to other children...I don't think she intentionaly meant to harm them but used a really poor sense of judgment....I have told other parents, ones that I know have her as a teacher and they can't believe it either and are grateful that I did that...We have to stand up for what we believe in and make sure that we are holding up our light for the world to see!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Funny Conversation With my Dad

So my dads wife calls and leaves a message wondering if we were going to go down there for Christmas, so they can prepare if we were. So I called my dad and was like "I don't think we will be able to make it this year." Dad: "How come?" Me: "It cost too much to drive down there and do you really, really want us to come?" Dad: "Yes, Yes I really do." (that was a shock for him to say that because I expected him to say something to give us an out, he usually does) Me: "Let me talk to Jared and I'll call you back." I talked to Jared and we decided we would go so I called my dad back. Me:"Okay dad we will be there on the 23 and leave on the 28th." Dad: "Oh.... well I wasn't planning for you to stay that long." I'm trying not to laugh real hard. Me: "Okay we'll leave on the 26th." He loves me but not thaaaatt much. Theres no wondering with my family about how they feel about you especially my dad he pretty much tells you exactly how he feels all the time even when he shouldn't. I will have to say that this last time I saw him at Thanksgiving he was a lot more mellow and quiet. So he's either on new medication or his age is catching up with him or maybe its his wife. Not sure but I am still dreading going down there and if I can come up with an excuse not to I'll use it......its mainly being there and my mom not being there and a different woman living there. It's just weird is all. Okay so now I have to try and gear myself up for a trip down there...maybe it won't be that bad it usually isn't as bad as we think its going to be.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Back

So I'm falling back into blogging. I actually missed it but life gets so busy sometimes and this is the first thing to go. Fall is my favorite time of year except for the fact that I am flat broke till spring. We have our anniversay October, my birthday October, Sariah November, Kacey December and Amber Mae January and then just throw in a little thing called Christmas in there and its no wonder were not standing on the corner with a bucket and a sign. But even though its hard it is still my favorite time of year. With the cooler weather and the beautiful colors on the leaves, the bugs are pretty much gone and you get to spend time with family. I love it! I just had a nice moment watching Amber Mae play outside with my next door neighbor. He's an older man probably in his 80's and the girls call him PaPa, his name is Paul and he is the nicest man and like a grandpa to us. He's helped us out so many times when things need fixing. I was just thinking that if anything happened to him I don't think I could live here anymore. I have two great neighbors on both sides of us. The other neighbors is an older couple with their children grown and every holiday they bring us holiday cookies. You really can't put a price tag on good neighbors. Why am I writing that I don't know but I couldn't imagine ever having nicer neighbors than that. Anyway back to my love of Fall....I am going to enjoy this cooler weather for now till it gets too cold than I can't stand it and am ready for spring.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today at the pool

So today at the pool was nice....I ran into Danielle and Sally and their kids and all the kids were having fun...I snapped a few pictures and then they had to leave....and shortly after they left was when the craziness begins that is Amber Mae....why does she save it all for me and she's so smart to make sure there are no I'm moving all my stuff over to the chairs and I'm not sure why and I've yet to figure it out but since the stroller is just right there....Amber Mae decides to push the entire stroller into the baby pool.....everything and I mean everything goes in and I'm rushing to grab all the stuff floating one rushed over to help...I'm sure they just thought it was too would have been for me too if it wasn't for the fact that at the bottom of the pool was my cell phone and Kacey's cell phone laying there...I've been drying them out and I think they will be okay...this isn't the first time my cell phones been wet....yeah, I dropped it in the toilet not that long ago, really I had to fish all my stuff out of the pool and then there were goldfish crackers swimming everywhere in the pool too....So we didn't stay too long after that...and trust me the brakes will be on the stroller evertime we are at the pool for now on.

Macy did a good cheeeessee for the camera here.

He's so cute!

I think they are both going through the crazy two stage....I think Amber Mae is a little bit further advanced into it then Macy.

heres the little booger that is causing so much strife in my life right now.....but i can't resist those chubby legs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Summer Pics 09

Mae is such a water baby this summer she hates it when its time to leave.

we went to Dallas and spent the weekend with my cousin and his family...he has four beautiful girls and our girls have so much fun together.

This is what I call a Kacey sandwhich because as strange as it is Oliver has a Kacey also spelled the same way and they are the same age so thats Kailen in the middle.

Judy was visiting from Guatemala so I got to see her too.

Oliver and Julie's beautiful family with their four girls.

Julie, me and Alex (Olivers sister) when I was younger me and my sister would come and spend a couple weeks in the summer in Dallas with Alex and we would have so much fun together.

Kacey had fun making up dances with Kailen...we had to listen to the same song over and over while they practiced but it was worth it when they showed it off that night after dinner...I'm so glad I'm not the only family that has little girls dances as the nights entertainment for guest.

okay so Amber Mae is such a two year old and not afraid to push other kids off toys to get what she wants....its scary to see her being so mean....what am I supposed to do? I don't want her to be a bully...I'm really hoping that its just her age.

Friday, May 22, 2009


So if I'm going to be completely honest and I want to share my real feelings. I have to tell you how sad I've been the past couple of days and how hard it really is. Hopefully if someone has felt this way they will know what I'm talking about and I don't think I'm that different from others but I have been really sad and grieving the loss of Kacey not going back to school next year. Any change whether its good or bad is always a loss of something else, thats not to say its not good but it is different and a little like going into the unknown. I think for me thats when my faith comes into play and even though its hard or something that I'm not used to I have to remember that God knows all and that it is his will not mine. I'm even having a hard time that she's not doing cheerleading this year...even though she has lots of dance and music to takes its place its still a death of something else. So yeah I cried a lot last night...and its funny because she's not home from school yet but so far she has been taking it a lot better than I have (knock on wood). I haven't told her how sad I've been because if theres one thing I've learned in my life that even if it hurts or its hard to do that doesn't mean its not the right decision. That is the one thing I'm sure of. I know it will get easier... its just the transitioning that sucks. There definitely is a reason for all things.....its just hard not knowing what those reasons are.