Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Funny Conversation With my Dad

So my dads wife calls and leaves a message wondering if we were going to go down there for Christmas, so they can prepare if we were. So I called my dad and was like "I don't think we will be able to make it this year." Dad: "How come?" Me: "It cost too much to drive down there and do you really, really want us to come?" Dad: "Yes, Yes I really do." (that was a shock for him to say that because I expected him to say something to give us an out, he usually does) Me: "Let me talk to Jared and I'll call you back." I talked to Jared and we decided we would go so I called my dad back. Me:"Okay dad we will be there on the 23 and leave on the 28th." Dad: "Oh.... well I wasn't planning for you to stay that long." I'm trying not to laugh real hard. Me: "Okay we'll leave on the 26th." He loves me but not thaaaatt much. Theres no wondering with my family about how they feel about you especially my dad he pretty much tells you exactly how he feels all the time even when he shouldn't. I will have to say that this last time I saw him at Thanksgiving he was a lot more mellow and quiet. So he's either on new medication or his age is catching up with him or maybe its his wife. Not sure but I am still dreading going down there and if I can come up with an excuse not to I'll use it......its mainly being there and my mom not being there and a different woman living there. It's just weird is all. Okay so now I have to try and gear myself up for a trip down there...maybe it won't be that bad it usually isn't as bad as we think its going to be.

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