Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today at the pool

So today at the pool was nice....I ran into Danielle and Sally and their kids and all the kids were having fun...I snapped a few pictures and then they had to leave....and shortly after they left was when the craziness begins that is Amber Mae....why does she save it all for me and she's so smart to make sure there are no I'm moving all my stuff over to the chairs and I'm not sure why and I've yet to figure it out but since the stroller is just right there....Amber Mae decides to push the entire stroller into the baby pool.....everything and I mean everything goes in and I'm rushing to grab all the stuff floating one rushed over to help...I'm sure they just thought it was too would have been for me too if it wasn't for the fact that at the bottom of the pool was my cell phone and Kacey's cell phone laying there...I've been drying them out and I think they will be okay...this isn't the first time my cell phones been wet....yeah, I dropped it in the toilet not that long ago, really I had to fish all my stuff out of the pool and then there were goldfish crackers swimming everywhere in the pool too....So we didn't stay too long after that...and trust me the brakes will be on the stroller evertime we are at the pool for now on.

Macy did a good cheeeessee for the camera here.

He's so cute!

I think they are both going through the crazy two stage....I think Amber Mae is a little bit further advanced into it then Macy.

heres the little booger that is causing so much strife in my life right now.....but i can't resist those chubby legs.


KoryLCorey said...

I am sorry about your stroller. I would have been there to witness first hand but Lexie had the flu yesterday. If I would have been there I would have helped.

Sally said...

Oh I'm sorry you didn't get to have a fun relaxing time. You'll have to come back next week with us and try again.

Real Life Roberts said...

Oh my...well I heard taking apart & putting your cell phone on top the refrigerator works miracles. I can't believe no one came to help you!! RUDE... wish I was there with you guys.