Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oxley Nature Park

So thanks to Amber Pepple I now have something to blog seriously I have just been lazy about blogging...but today me and Amber Pepple had a fun little adventure out at the Oxley Nature Center. I thought it would be fun to go there and take our kids for a little hike on their trails. We soon learned that our children are not ready for the summer like weather and that we need to get them better conditioned for we plan on doing this more often.
But they did have fun looking for tadpoles and the Pepple children even managed to take some home for their tadpole aquarium. They saw where a beaver had chewed at a tree...pretty cool. And we think we figured out that these little red bugs in the water were ticks...weird..I need to look that up. Anyway our biggest scare was that the Pepples dogs were lost and Chris couldn't find them when he got home luckily by the time our hike was over and we were on our way to the pound he called and said he found them at the neighbors house...its a good thing...I really like those dogs and I am usually not a huge dog lover but that is the one type of dog that I want to get. I love the outdoors and really can't wait for summer to get here and stay for a little while. The only thing that I can seriously live without is the wasp because I am deathly afraid of them and I am trying to overcome that fear but they are just the weirdest looking things on this planet and they come right at you.
Look at how happy they all are....this is obviously before dragging them through the woods. :)


Lisa said...

I have never been there. That looks like a lot of fun.

Sally said...

Man, Amber find all kinds of fun places. Looks like a fun time.