Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Mothers Dream Come True!

My friend had her daughters party today at the Polka Dot Place in B.A. It is such a cute litlle place.
The cake went along perfectly she had it done at Reasors before she even saw the place.

Look how cute the tables were.

Here are all the girls dressed up taking a pic with Cinderella thats the birthday girl in the middle. They all looked so cute.

Sariah all dolled up....she loves this kind of stuff....and I love that she loves it :)...I am such a girly girl.

Mae is such a girly girl too...she loved getting dressed up and was a little lady drinking from a tea cup.

Now, you know it was hard to get the older girls to dress up but they finally gave in and I was so excited to see Kacey even a little dressed up because she hates to do girly things right now...I'm sure its just a phase...right? please!...anyway she used to be the biggest girly girl of them all and now its skulls and sneakers....she'll always be a little princess to me though.
Ever since Amber Mae's daddy painted her fingernails she has to have her nails done and didn't want to miss this opportunity.

Sariah always the loving big sister....they are so cute together.

Riding the horsey....
She was just way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously the reason us moms have little girls is so they can be our little dolls and we can play dress up with I was in heaven today getting to dress them up! They are so cute I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face the whole time the party was going on!


Rachel said...

Awwww!!! You are making me want a little girl right about now! That place looks amazingly fun and the girls are just so adorable!

Pepple Family said...

That looks like so much fun! I might have to look into for the girls.

Sally said...

How fun. Little girls really are the best. They all look so pretty.

KoryLCorey said...

I think the same thing as I get Lexie all dolled up, then Corey informed me that with having two girls comes lots of prom dresses, wedding dresses and then I realized I probably should start saving now...