Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching up

I haven't blogged in a while and honestly its because my facebook has been taking over...sorry but its more fun to see what everyone is doing and easier.

I took Sariah to the doctor today because she's had a headache for the past two weeks. He thinks its sinuses so I am going to try something over the counter and see if that helps. But it was so interesting to see because Sariah is in the 25% in her weight, she weighs 48lbs. She's always been so tiny and skinny and she's only in the 50% in her height so she will probably be short like me....and then theres Amber Mae who has been such a chunk from the very beginning we always couldn't believe how fast we get tired from holding her...with the other girls they were always light as a feather...So Amber Mae is in the 90% in her weight she weighs 31 lbs and 75% in her height...I think she definitely takes after Jareds mom's side of the family. Its just interesting to have them so different from eachother...Give Amber Mae a year and she is probably going to catch up to her sister.

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