Monday, December 8, 2008

Sariah's Baptism

Honestly I can't believe it. My little angel baby is baptised. Wow time flies! It was such an emotional occasion for me. I was filled with so much gratitude and love for all the things the Lord has blessed me with that it was hard to contain. To have such a beautiful little girl that is so sweet and loving as she is to remember how she was such a gift from God and that Heavenly Father gives us our children in the order that we need them. I call her my Angel Baby because she really is the spirit I needed in my life at that time. You could set her down and leave the room and forget she was even there, she didn't cry about anything and was so easy going and slept through the night ( my only child to do that). She really was a blessing as all my girls have been. But for some reason she was the one that helped heal my heart and now she continues to bring me joy as watch her grow and I see how much love she has inside of her. Its weird how parents know their children so well and we can even tell how things might play out for them in life. I can see her being a hopeless romantic kinda like me. Were actually a lot a like in our personalities even though she gets all her coloring from her dad.

It was a really good day for her even though I know she wasn't feeling good. She didn't want to miss it for nothing so not doing it was not an option. She really doesn't complain when she's sick or hurt. Here are a few pics.

We let Sariah choose who she wanted to Baptise her and she wanted PaPa. Jared's dad.

My friend Terra made this cake it was so good if you ever need a cake done she can do it. She does all sorts of designs too.

Thats my cousin next to me Vinicio he's a member of the church and his wife on the other end. In the middle is my dad and his new wife Lisa behind Jared.


Maple said...

That first picture is BEAUTIFUL! What can I say though...all your girls are beautiful!

Becky said...

Elizabeth! Time has flown! I can't believe 8 years have passed since you had your sweet miss Sariah. She was a blessing to you wasn't she. Those precious gifts given to us when we need them. Love ya lots!!

Lisa said...

Wow! What sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing those feelings with us. You are a great mom!