Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are so much fun and I have been really enjoying them this year and they are not even over yet. So here are pics from this weekend. Friday was the cookie exchange at Jens house and I have to tell you I can't eat another sweet thing right now....maybe later but right now I'm done. It was so much fun with the ornament exchange and seeing peoples reactions to what they got or took from someone else. I brought a cat woman ornament and I went home with by choice where else are you going to find a cool ornament like that? Anyway Friday was the ward party and OH MY GOODNESS! Tons of people...the biggest I've ever seen. Both my cousins and their wives and little boy went. The Achievment girls sang and did a great job. And we were graced with a story by Chris Blamires one that I will never forget :)) Anyway this week there promises to be more fun.
Girls on Santas lap.
Achievment girls singing.

Tons of food!

Joe and Vinicio

My best friend Racquel.

My other Best Friend Rachel

They have their plates ready to grab lots of yummy cookies.


Rachel said...

I love the holidays and all the parties and family fun! Hopefully Father Winter will behave for us this week (ice storm outside right now) because I'd love to go see the Rhema light display too!
P.S. I really was going to take that Cat Woman ornament home with a huge smile on my face!!! ;)

KoryLCorey said...

Yes I have to agree I will never forget the story. We left during because my husband has short attention span I think. ;)