Monday, December 8, 2008

Kacey's 11

Kacey turned 11 on the 2nd hard to believe but only one more year and then she'll be in YW. Last night we let the girls show us this dance they made up to a song. It was so cute watching them dance and sing but I also saw the next few years flash before my eyes when their teenagers and what that might be like. Kinda scary to think about them being teenagers. But for now it was funny watching them all lip singing and dancing even Amber Mae started to act like she was singing. Anyway back to the birthday party it was a family one this year, we do every other year friend and then family. Makes it easier to plan for. Here's a few pics.


Lisa said...

She is soo beautiful. Jared is gonna have to get the shot gun out when she moves up into those teen years. The guys will be knockin' at the door all the time!

valgae said...

I cant believe how time flies!! I remember when she was born. Its incredible to see these babies grow up into beautiful people!!