Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank You Duane

Thank you Duane:

For being a good friend.

For being an example to me of how to be patient with your children and that their feelings are more important than getting the job done.

For teaching me how to make a halloween trick or treat bag.

For always having a smile on your face.

For being there at my childrens birthday parties.

For the fun trips to the zoo.

For raising such wonderful children that give the best hugs (Ben) and have such big hearts.

For never letting anything come between you and your children.

For always putting family first.

For showing us how to love.

For holding lots of babies.

For doing our taxes.

For having such a strong testimony.

For having such a big heart.

For just being you.

You will be missed.
Please help us help the Summers family.

SUMMERS’ BENEFITGARAGE SALE/BAKE SALEAll proceeds will go to the Summers Family.Saturday, November 15, 20087:00AM- 3:00 PM1701 Hickory Ave, Broken ArrowPlease donate baked goods and gently used items to sell.All items will be donated to Goodwill after sale.Drop off items Saturday morning or contactHeidi Roberts for further info:
Summers’ BenefitSilent Online AuctionAll proceeds will go to the Summers family.December 1-3, 2008Monday-WednesdayPlease donate new itemsor a service to be auctioned.(example items: handmade items; event tickets; gift baskets; craft items; services i.e.: baked/cooked goods, babysitting, yard work, home maintenance, floral arrangements; Professional Services i.e.: painting, haircuts, carpet cleaning, haircuts; 72 hour kits; cookbooks; etc.)To bid on items go to: www.sallyrollins.blogspot.comTo donate & participate, please contact:Sally Rollins at
Danielle Olaveson at
The Summers Family Fund has been established to help this wonderful family with the trials ahead. If anyone would like to help please inquire at any Bank of Oklahoma or mail donations directly to:The Summers Family FundBank of OklahomaPO Box 2300Tulsa, OK 74192
Read about Duane and Becky Summers here and here.


Sally said...

Elizabeth, thanks for helping to spread the word about the sale and auction. I really appreciate it. Duane will be missed.

Real Life Roberts said...

Thanks for spreading the word. Hey Sally's email address needs to be changed to 2 "L" vs 1 "L". thanks.

Katrina said...

I don't know you. I only know Becky through blogging, but am sad to hear that is sounds like Duane has passed on (although I'm sure he's much better off!). Just wondering if you could tell me details about his services. I live in Kansas and was going to head down there if it works out. Thanks!

Joni said...

What a beautiful tribute. I too learned many of those things from knowing Duane this last year and a half. Why does the Lord take some of the best home early? By the way, who is the baby in the first picture?

Jared and Elizabeth said...

the baby duane is holding is sariah and the second picture he is video taping kacey's first birthday.