Monday, November 3, 2008

Terrible Two Syndrome

I think I've come down with the terrible two syndrome....tired, cranky, never satisified, easily upset, noone understands a word I'm saying, don't want to be told what to do, easily distracted, crying all the time.....oh wait.....thats not me thats Amber Mae. Let me tell you though one of us is not going to make it through the next year and a half. Its driving me CRAZY! Seriously why do they have to do this....she doesn't want to take her naps anymore and doesn't ever want to eat what I give her. Forget it at church....its a nightmare....she can't sit still and either me or Jared is out in the hall with her. Its a good thing she's so cute other wise she wouldn't have a chance. Why do the call it terrible two's anyway it starts before two and doesn't end till after three. If you see me and I'm about to pull my hair out you now know why. AMBER MAE!!!

Don't let this cute little face decieve you she can turn on a dime into a little monster. But dang she is still so cute I love her to death.


Rachel said...

I'm there too, I really hate this age right now. My kids get it worse around three and Sam is three now and showing it! I feel your pain!

valgae said...

I'm whichoo.....and when i say i'm whichoo, i mean i'm one of you. (sorry, my blue heaven quote...i still love that movie after all these years.) man i'm feelin it for ya and wichoo too!! Zach just turned 1 and Lexie turned 3 in July. ahhhhhhhh!!! I swear they are trying to kill me some days. ;)

Pepple Family said...

I feel for you Elizabeth!! I think from about 15mos until close to 2 is the hardest stage of all. Jarom has been a major pill lately too. This too shall pass, right?!