Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aloe Vera To The Rescue

Sariah my Miss Independent, tried to make herself some soup last night. I had no idea she was doing this untill I hear crying and screaming. She had gotten it out of the microwave and it was too hot and it spilled all over her chest and stomach. It was all red and blistering and there was a round spot where the skin had burnt off. I didn't know what to do, Jared said to put ice on it, I didn't think you were supposed to do that so I called his mom and first of all she tells us to stop arguing cause that wasn't helping Sariah any. They have an aloe plant so they cut some of it and brought it over to us. I put it all over the burn and it was like a miracle cause the redness started to disappear, it was amazing to watch. So if you ever get a burn put aloe on it. Sariah just thinks she can do anything and wants to do it herself. This is my child who thought she could do a flip off the couch and broke both her arms. I started laughing last night cause I started to envision my self running into the hospital again with Sariah in my arms yelling my babys burnt herself...kinda like I did when she broke her arms...anyway it was funny to me. I was going to keep her home from school today but they were having Snazzy Snacks and she didn't want to miss that so I took her...she was late getting there and I told her teacher to call me if she is in any pain. You know Sariah doesn't even like for me to help her with her homework even if I can explain something to her to help her she wants to figure it out by herself...she hates to ask for help....just like her daddy.

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