Friday, October 10, 2008


I'd just like to say how wonderful and happy I feel when I see my girls getting along and having fun with eachother. I was so worried when we had Amber Mae because of the age difference she is from the other two. We didn't want them that far apart it just ended up that way. I was worried because I see how close Kacey and Sariah are to eachother and I wasn't sure if Amber Mae was going to have that. But I didn't need to worry at all. Sariah is so sweet with her and loves to play with her it makes me want to cry just thinking about how much they love eachother and I can see them being very close. Sariah asks if she can play with her. Its so nice. Maybe its even better to have that age difference because theres not that jealousy or fighting over things like there is when they're closer in age. I'm sure that will come as they get older but for right now I am enjoying watching them grow their friendship and closeness. Kacey and Sariah will always be close they can't stand to be apart from eachother and ask just about every night if they can have a sleepover (that means sleep in eachothers bed). I know Kacey will be close with Amber Mae too its just that she's got a lot going on in her life right now but she wants Amber Mae to sleep with her as soon as she's old enough. I guess like her little Teddy Bear.


Sally said...

Oh, I absolutely love it when I see my kids playing and having fun together. And having sisters is the best. My sister just younger than me is still my best friend.

Cheer Girl said...

mommy i luv the pics!!