Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun At The Park

Kristy and I took the kids to the park this morning. We had to walk about 1/2 a mile to a mile I'm not quite sure I need to check that...but the kids did good they were tired by the time we got home and Amber Mae took a good nap today. Me and Kristy go walking about 3 times a week but today since school was out we had to bring everyone so we figured the park would be the best bet.
She looks big in this picture. She is almost as tall as me....scarrryy...she'll be taller than me :(
Girls pretending they are sleeping....they were probably playing house or something.

It was pretty windy today but it was so sunny and nice. Perfect day to be at the park.

This is about all she'll be driving for a lonnnggg time....if I can help it.

Sariah and her friend Tiff swinging away.

Kacey had fun pushing the boys on the swing and then they followed her around wanting her to play with them. Which she did it was cute.
Amber Mae and Zachy love to play together....sometimes too much because the other day they were in the same stroller together and he gave her a was cute but i think i am going to have to look out for him!

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