Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amber Mae turns 2

What is it with that magical age of 2 years old that all of a sudden they no longer act like a little baby....its like I've started to notice how many more words she uses and says what she wants or tells her sister to "Move" when she gets in her way. Its cute but at the same time it makes me wonder just how much she really understands when I say things to her....the other day it was funny (not really) she went over to
Sariah all nice and gave her a sweet hug and then quickly moves away and wacks her on the head....its like she's trying to see what she can get away with. I have to admit that even though she's two I haven't really cared to try and break her of the bottle.....(gasp)....well she is our last and whats the hurry its not like I'm going to let her go to pre-k with it....With Kacey I was so uptight and made sure she had her vegetables at the right age and everything was just right....ask anyone who went to her first birthday I even tried to make a healthy cake (what a mistake) luckily I had another one....so with your last you either get real or you just get lazy either way...I like just sitting back and enjoying all the different stages....now I just need to have this perspective through the teenage years if only I had already done it then my poor oldest wouldn't have to suffer through all the mistakes I'm sure I'm going to make.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Amber Mae!! What a cutie!

Pepple Family said...

What a little doll! She is growing up way too quickly. You are a great mother I am sure you will do great during the teenage years. Oh and we are no where near getting rid of the bottle either, they'll live.

Becky said...

So as I'm reading about you wanting Kacey to eat her veggies at the right age, what pops into my head....Her First Birthday Cake!!! Oh sweet memories, I wouldn't have you change it for anything.

Happy birthday Amber Mae.