Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe its already 2009. Where did 2008 go? Why does it seem that the older you get the faster time gets? Maybe its just that I'm so much busier than I was when I was younger...I don't know just a thought....anyway another way I can tell I'm getting older is by the fact I would rather be at home in bed than stay up late and party. My favorite thing to do right now is watch movies with Jared. Oh well its nice to be at this season in my life to just sit back and enjoy watching the kids expend all their energy. But not New Years night we went and played laser tag with the Summerhills and that was a blast so much so we are probably going to take the girls to play soon. We went out to eat afterwards at Carrabas, good food. Sorry I'm kinda all over the place with this one. Just glad for the new year and excited to see what 09 will hold for our family. Hopefully another year of no hospital visits and more time with family and friends. We did our family goals again for this year and looked back to see how we did on last years goals I can honestly say we almost accomplished all of them. We have daily, monthly and yearly goals. The 5 that the Bishops challenged us to do and other ones more specific for our family such as compliment eachother daily or have a family sleepover. The girls love to do that, have a sleepover in the living room. I think the other exciting thing about a new year is the idea of having a fresh start to maybe do things you didn't do the year before or to accomplish a goal. I hope everyone is able to accomplish what ever they set out to do this year.
Barb and I at Carrabas


Sally said...

I love the idea of a family sleepover. So cute.

Real Life Roberts said...

I love the idea of family goals. Funny that I've never thought of that. I guess I thought it's personal and each child should do goals...but family fun goals as the sleepover!