Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas time I love the holiday traditions that Jared family has passed down to us. We always get together with his family on Christmas Eve and do a gift exchange but before we do that Jareds dad reads the story of the birth of Jesus from the bible and then we go around the room and say what we have been thankful for this past year and its an opportunity to say how you feel about your family. What a blessing it is to let the ones you love know how much you care about them. And then we have our gift exchange and of course we drink egg nog. Its so wonderful to know that no matter what else is going on we can count on that tradition. Another tradition that we've kept from his family is the little cereals on christmas morning where you draw what cereal you eat for breakfast its fun trading with eachother. And then we have Christmas dinner with his family that day too. I didn't have a lot of traditions growing up so its nice that Jared did and we can pass these on to our children.

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Pepple Family said...

What fun traditions!! We never had many (ok any) traditions growing, but I think its so neat when people can say they did it as a kid and now do it with their own kids. Looks like everyone had fun. How was laser tag?