Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay, so last night I had the "honor" of going to the movies with Kaceys whole cheer squad and Sariah to see HSM 3 (High School Musical)....Seriously did they have to make a third movie? One was enough, by the time they got to number 3 Troy and Gabriella just needed to get married and have babies....this is why I don't want my girls to date exclusively with one guy....they couldn't be without eachother and didn't want to leave eachother to go off to college...come on.....is this really what we want our daughters to do....not mine....we had a long lecture afterwards about why we don't single date...I probably ruined the movie for them because it did have some cute songs and what not....but oh well if I did.....thats not what I want them to copy....its scary because already girls in her class have boyfriends and the moms think its so cute...ha...its not going to be so cute when their pregnant at sixteen...sorry I just have some strong oppinions about this and I'm sure not everyone aggrees....but thats okay your not raising my girls, I am. Okay so for me the movie get 2 thumbs down.


Cheer Girl said...

You did not ruin the movie for me....DK about sariah...well thats all!!!

Cheer Girl said...

Sorry I did not mean to put DK I thought I put IDK

Joni said...

Hey Elizabeth,

You are not alone! My girls don't watch the HSM movies or any off the teen programming on Disney Channel for that matter. I told them that it's called HIGH SCHOOL Musical, not GRADE SCHOOL Musical. It is so not age appropriate for my 8 and 5 year old! It is beyond me why they make a movie about 18 year olds and market a good share of the merchandise to 7 year olds. I know I'm in the minority. Just my opinion. :)