Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Pearls

You know how they say not to "cast your pearls before swine" well thats how I have felt about something lately that I've been hesitant to tell people about. Because for me its been a personal revelation something that I didn't take lightly and was a hard decision to make. I prayed and fasted and looked at all the options and things have fallen into place to let me know that this is what I should be doing for whatever reason and to be honest I don't even know what that reason is and may never know but if its what I'm supposed to do then I will try my hardest to do it. Okay so what is it I've decided to do its........ HOMESCHOOLING....there I said it I'm going to homeschool Kacey this year. I know your probably as shocked as I was that of all people I would homeschool...but I always told myself that as a mom I would do whatever it takes to make sure my kids have the best life possible.

I have lots of reasons....she will be learning more than she would at school in a shorter amount of time....she will have more free time to do more dancing or whatever else she wants to.....she won't have to change who she is to fit in with a certain crowd or be labled as a certain type of person.....she will be in control of her learning and not be limited by those around her.....we will be able to grow closer as mother and daughter....part of her curriculum will be studying the scriptures so she will grow spiritually....and many other reasons that I don't even know yet.

Yes, I'm worried... you always are when you do something new and unknown but there are so many homeschool groups and activities that she's not going to become a social outcast or freak and the curriculum I'm using goes by the highest standard of all 50 states and there is a teacher assigned to her to help her in anyway if I can't and they have field trips too. I'm just going to take it one year at a time and see how it goes but to tell you the truth I am so excited about spending time with her and getting to know her as she is growing up into a beautiful young lady, she is such an awsome girl, who wouldn't want to spend that much time with their daughter.


modernmyrtle said...

I am totally with you. I never thought in a million years that I would homeschool my girls, but now I can't wait! I'm really excited to have this time with them. It just goes by too fast. I have hesitated telling people as well because it is a matter of personal revelation, and therefore a very personal decision. For some reason other people think they know what's best for your kids, and don't mind telling you so.

Good luck with everything! You're going to be great at it.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad that you and I will be taking this plunge together! I'll be homeschooling Jacob this coming year too! I'm pretty nervous, but I know that with the Lord's help, it will be a very special opportunity for our whole family to learn and grow together!
Thank you for writing this post - I needed it! (I've been getting the "crazy mom" look a lot lately!)
You are an amazing mother and your girls are lucky to have you! I'm excited for you!

kenziekylanmom said...

I just know it's going to be such an exciting adventure for you and Kasey and that you will become so much closer. You are going to be such a great homeschool mom!!!

Real Life Roberts said...

I am amazed at this trend...there are so many of my friends thinking about this idea. You are brave. Good luck and your reasons are so convincing. I hope it is a positive and successful experience! WOW!!

natalie said...

I decided that I do not spend enough time over here supporting your blog, so I am going to change that!
I love that you're homeschooling. I am at a crossroads right now myself. The kids have never been to public school before (only private), but this fall it seems to be our only option. I am worried about it as I watch and listen to the neighborhood kids at the park and the pool. Some of what I hear I can hardly believe. I will be keeping tabs on you!
My good friend, Stephani Speers, is a teacher, and she has made the decision to pull her kids out as well. She is starting a blog about her homeschooling methods, so I will link you to it once she gets it going. She is amazing, so I know you could get support and encouragement from her.

Good luck!