Saturday, January 10, 2009

Game Faces

So last night we had a couples game night it was so much fun. I wish I had a bigger house so I could invite more people to join us because its fun to get to know other couples and their dirty, little, secrets :) JK....but we had such a blast playing the wii and the newlywed game. Then today we took the girls to play laser tag which was lots of fun we made sure to stay together this time and actually ended up doing better because we were there to help eachother out usually when me and jared go its war but this time it was us together against everyone else...the way its supposed to be. So that wasn't even it for our playing around the girls friend down the street brought over her rock band so we jammed on that after we got home. Amber Mae loved playing the drums and got pretty good at it too. (I forgot to add that when you come to my house you get the enjoyment of watching each child perform a little dance that they are either working on or made up them selves seriously hilarious and cute.)
Kacey really gets into the part.
Amber Mae drumming away.

he's got his mean face on

Sariah on vocals she rocks at that.

Amber Mae teaching me how its done.

Last night with the Wii

Amber and Chris waiting to join in. I had to stand clear of Amber with the Wii remote. She can take your eye out if your not careful.

My friends Terra and Matt.


Pepple Family said...

You're just jealous of my crazy good olympic skills! Thanks for having us all over, it was so much fun! We definately have to do it again next month.

Rachel said...

Wow! That looks like sooo much FUN!!! Sorry we couldn't make it! Maybe next time!