Monday, September 29, 2008

School Pictures

Kacey is in the fifth grade and has two teachers this year one for morning and one for afternoon. I think its to get them ready for middle school next year. She's been running laps at lunchtime for some competition thing they have going to get the kids moving. Thats good for them because some kids just don't get enough exercise.

Sariah is in the second grade and has Ms. Kidd for her teacher....Sariah wanted her because Kacey had her in the first grade.....she's been really good so far and Sariah is making good grades and learning how to use a check book they get 100 dollars each month to spend at the class store but if your naughty you can have money taken away. So far Sariah's only had $2 taken away for talking she does like to talk. The prices for everything is so inflated its funny like one pencil is $10...they have fun with it.

Amber Mae had to have her picture taken too. She is in the pre- pre- pre kindergarten grade at the school of mommy and me.

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