Saturday, May 10, 2008

My mom

This is to my mom for mothers day since I no longer have her here on this earth with me. I want everyone to know what a wonderful mother I had. She gave her all to her children and would do anything for us. She one time came to my school for a sport award assembly for me. But she was late getting there and I couldn't understand why she was late and I was getting frustrated. Well she finally arrives and tell me how she had just flipped her car and had to get a ride from someone else. I was really stunned that she would even still think to come to the school after what she had just been through. But thats how she was if it was important to me it was important to her. She wasn't perfect, although in my mind now I make her out to be. She gave way too much advice even when she wasn't asked ( thats where I get it from). But she had such a big heart for everyone she met. She would never say anything that would hurt your feelings. She was an example of enduring through the hard times and never giving up. She had such a strong testimony of the gospel I never once see it falter. To you mom I am forever grateful and indebted to the timeless hours and love you gave to me. I can only pray and try my hardest to follow her example to be half the mother she was.

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